Desert planet Arrakis is the only one source of spice (melange) in the universe. Spice (melange) - a substance which is necessary for interstellar navigation and therefore occupies a central place in the universe of Dune. Spice (melange) can be used in food, it has cinnamon flavor, and can significantly increase the lifetime. Interstellar civilization depends entirely on the spice (melange) as the spice (melange) is used by navigators of Space Guild in paving the way for the safe control of the spacecraft. Using spice (melange) enables instantaneous travels from one point to another universe.
To be the owner of planet Arrakis means to own the universe. Three Great Houses use different strategies and tactics in order to receive power and authority in the universe.

Adversus is the confrontation against three Great Houses. Greatest Battle for Dune and resources in which the three Great Houses fought at the battle for the right to possess Dune, which basically means to own the universe. In this confrontation, each derives its profit, and you have the opportunity to generate income together with one, two, and with all the Great Houses at the same time. Our profit calculator will help you to study the proposals of the Great Houses. Calculate the term of the deposit, the amount of income received, frequency of payments, and the amount of each payment. The amount of the deposit, with interest payable automatically at the appointed time to the specified party purse. Login, payment system, date / time, and the amount of the auto payment transaction listed in the section below.

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