The Arrakis Planet (better known as "Dune") - the third planet in the system of Canopus star. The entire surface of Arrakis is red-orange like Mars and covered with endless deserts. In some places there are mountain ranges, rugged with numerous caves. There are ice caps at the dunes poles, which indicates the presence of the planet in the past, as well as a rich flora and fauna.
Once the third moon of Arrakis was destroyed in a collision with a foreign body, and its fragments fell on fertile planet, triggering a strong climate and atmospheric change.
It is often storms on the Arrakis. Basically hurricanes front reaches from six to seven thousand kilometers wide. They are fueled with all that increase their power: the Coriolis force, other storms and everything, what has at list a bit of energy. They reach speed of seven hundred kilometers per hour, with a grabbing whatever on their way: dust, sand etc. They tear the meat from the bones and even smashed the bones.The vegetation on the planet is very scarce and represented mainly by small shrubs, which are able to survive in the desert. The fauna is much more varied, although most of them have been delivered to Dune in the framework of the environmental program. Among the inhabitants of the planet you can find the desert fox, mice, rabbits, turtles, eagles, pygmy owls and arachnids with scorpion. But the main and native inhabitant of the Arrakis, who has always been here, is Shai-Hulud - sand worm, a source of oxygen and manufacturer of spice (melange).
Desert planet Arrakis is the only source of spice (melange) in the universe. Spice (melange) - a substance necessary for interstellar navigation and therefore occupies a central place in the universe of Dune. Spice (melange) can be used in food, it has cinnamon flavor, and can significantly increase the lifetime. Interstellar civilization depends entirely on the spice (melange) as the spice (melange) is used by navigators of Space Guild in paving the way for the safe control of the spacecraft. Using spice (melange) enables instantaneous travels from one point to another universe.To be the owner of planet Arrakis means to own the universe. Three Great Houses use different strategies and tactics in order to receive power and authority in the universe - Spice (melange).
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