Investment Agreement


1.1. This investment agreement drawn up in advance of the investment program «ADVERSUS» and determine the order of operation and use of this service;
1.2. Each potential participant of «ADVERSUS» investment program must read and agree to these terms before registration procedures. Registration on the site implies full and unconditional acceptance by the participant of the investment program «ADVERSUS» of this investment agreement;
1.3. This investment agreement can be changed and / or added by the administration of the «ADVERSUS» investment program unilaterally without any special notification to the other party.

2.1. «ADVERSUS» is an online resource located on the Internet at https: //;
2.2. The investment program «ADVERSUS» carried out only at the expense of «ADVERSUS» core business.

3.1. Registration in «ADVERSUS» investment program is available at https: // / registration /;
3.2. Investment Program Participant «ADVERSUS» can be any competent person who has reached the age of majority;
3.3. The investment program «ADVERSUS» allows to create only one account from the same computer. Otherwise, the Administration of the investment program «ADVERSUS» reserves the right to block the account without the possibility of further recovery.

4.1. Member of the investment program «ADVERSUS» entitled to create one or more deposits for investment plans presented on the site;
4.2. Deposit amount in the investment program «ADVERSUS» - regulated by indicated tariffs;
4.3. Payment of the deposit carried out using the payment systems AdvCash, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PAYEER, NixMoney Payza.
4.4. The administration of the investment program «ADVERSUS» reserves the right to modify the list of supported EPS.
4.5. Tools to create deposits occur without inner conversion of EPS and credits to the XPS which was filled in by the investor while creating a deposit.

5.1. Accrual of interest on deposits, as well as all other incomes available in the investment program «ADVERSUS» are produced directly on the ESR purse specified by the participant in the terms stipulated in the investment proposal;
5.2. In the absence of funds investor purse received in the participant's balance will be available after the indicating of the participant’s numbers corresponding EPS purse.
5.3. Payments are made automatically. In some cases associated with EPS maintenance work, the term of processing for all payments is no more than 24 hours after the formation of the application for cash out.
5.4. Payments are made without CSE interior conversion and credited to the respective EPS.

6.1. Each member of «ADVERSUS» investment program has the opportunity to participate in the referral program and receive referral bonuses from the amount of deposit of investors who were invited by them;

7.1. The administration of investment program «ADVERSUS» ensures the correct functioning of the site, but does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the site. Access may be restricted at the time of maintenance work, as well as in the circumstances that arise for reasons beyond our control, and require some time for their elimination;
7.2. The administration of «ADVERSUS» investment program is not responsible for any possible damage suffered by the participant of «ADVERSUS» investment program or other persons as a result of participation in the investment program «ADVERSUS»;
7.3. Member of the investment program «ADVERSUS» agrees to be solely liable for all risks associated with participation in the investment program «ADVERSUS», including the risk of losing his/her money.

8.1. These rules are an agreement between the participant of the investment program «ADVERSUS» and the administration of «ADVERSUS» investment program concerning the order of participation in the investment program «ADVERSUS»;
8.2. This investment agreement shall enter into force for the investment program participant «ADVERSUS» from the moment of passing the registration on the website of the investment program «ADVERSUS»;
8.3. If for whatever reasons, one or more provisions of these rules will be declared invalid or void, this does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.